Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy 2011!!!!

It's a GRAND new year, yes?? You bet! 2010 couldn't have come and gone any quicker. It was such an INSANE year for us Marangi's :-) 2011 is going be our BEST year yet!

First off, I want to give a warm welcome to my new Zumba and BodyPUMP participants at Transformation Fitness and the Trails YMCA. And to all the spunky gals at UCO who are now joining me this semester - I'm shoutin' out...HOLLA!!!


Greg is adjusting to his new position here in OKC and Tulsa as the Human Resources Director. He's put in PLENTY of hours (20 hr days, no kidding) and is working extremely hard for our family. There's been a lot of traveling, but we're adjusting better and better each week. Anthony, Kyra and Nina have been super troopers when it comes to helping me keep it together at night when I'm exhausted after teaching my classes and taking care of things while Greg's been away. Anthony is faithful to holding us to prayers, scripture study and happy thoughts; Kyra makes sure her and Nina do their homework (so they can play on Stardoll); and Nina makes sure we have our veggies at dinner (mainly because they want to be able to eat the yummy dessert I've baked that day). Enzo, our baby poodle just gets in your face when he wants to go potty, eat or play (the potty thing is something he's finally GETTING after 3 months of his being in our home). I think the only reason he has accidents now is to get back at me when I'm gone working out, GRRRR!

I am busy with lots of scripture study since I got my 1st calling in church in over a year, Relief Society Teacher. Since my surgery in November 2009, I hadn't had an "official calling", so I'm so HAPPY to be needed again! I love the sisters in Relief Society! Since moving here, I've been going to the Oklahoma City Temple at least once or twice a week and I can't even begin to tell you how much I have learned going so often. It's been a blessing for my marriage and for my kids!

I've also been listening to one audiobook after another. I like to multi-task my hobbies and I felt like I couldn't sit still and read for hours during this time of my life! I must admit it's so nice to read something and not have to write a paper like I was doing for the last 2 years in school! The OKC Metro Library has a great selection of books (that I don't have to pay for) and I use Audible.com quite a bit too. But, I'm so excited about DeseretBook.com's audio library! Some of my favorite talks/books on there are Sheri Dew, John Bytheway and Mary Ellen Edmunds collections. While I "read", I can do my home routine, arrange my playlists for teaching, scrapbook and even go on a run. I'm growing fond of multi-tasking, yes I am! Pretty soon it'll be time to clear the garden - and we have BIG plans for that this year!


It's been so very nice and extremely therapeutic to slow down my pace the past 6 months. I haven't been able to slow down yet in the exercise department, but it's better than the 6-9 classes I was teaching back in Perrysburg! I just started my full teaching schedule again (3 Zumba, 1 BodyPUMP) and I'm also training for my 1st full marathon (26.2, BABY!) for the OKC Memorial Marathon on May 1st. I started running shortly after we moved here in August and ran my first 5K in October (see picture previous post). I have a great friend and training buddy, Jamie, whose incredible athletic pursuits have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and train for it. She makes training look so easy (NOT)! We've been running with the OKC Landrunners Running Club (up to 400 people!) on Saturday mornings (getting out of bed between 5:45 and 6am) and let me tell you, it's been an adventure! Not only have I acclimated myself to running EARLY in the morning and in the BITTER cold (once it was 28 degrees)training for this has also taught me that food is really FUEL and sleep is truly restoration of the body. Never in my life have set out to make sure I eat well-balanced (at least most days). I've learned so much about discipline in the last month. Too amazing. We also have another training buddy, Molly, who also moved here recently from Perrysburg and worked at the Fort Meigs YMCA. Her stamina is amazing! I've never seen her gasp for breath, even during a brutal (for me) hill workout (10 miles). The real challenge for me is to balance my energy between marathon training, teaching my classes and being a supportive wife and LOVING mom as I keep my home and family in order. I've decided this week that I'll be running immediately after teaching my Zumba classes at UCO, just during the winter here. It just saves me the headache of trying fit 2 workouts at separate times of the day. Jamie and I are entering the Triple Crown Races in March - 3 races, 5, 10 and 25K. Hopefully, we'll get a nice mental edge and be able to improve our pace times. Don't worry, our training tapers off at the end of April so we'll be able to run our 26.2 on race day :-) All I have to say is: if you're fighting with anxiety and/or depression and you're well enough to do it...RUN!!! I am officially addicted to all the benefits running has given me: moo-coo anxiety and stress RELIEF and my new-found strength (tone) and endurance in my lower body, including my feet.

***I'm so excited to be a part of and to help lead over 100+ participants during the half-time show of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Indiana Pacers NBA game on March 2, 2011 here in OKC! It'll be a Zumba Fitness Party to benefit the American Heart Association's GO RED FOR WOMEN movement. I don't know how many we'll be anticipating for the game, but it'll be my BIGGEST crowd of Zumba spectators yet! And you know me, I LURVE a BIG crowd!!***


Other family news: Anthony will be traveling with his DECA (marketing) class at Francis Tuttle Tech Center - here's some info:

State Career Development Conference

Each year, DECA members from across the state come together to demonstrate their marketing skills by participating in competitions designed for specific marketing career objectives. The 67th Annual Oklahoma DECA Career Development Conference will be held Feb. 8-9, 2011 at the Marriott Southern Hills in Tulsa.

We're excited for Anthony and he's pretty jazzed too! His topic will be on Sports and Entertainment - we know he's gonna ROCK it! Good luck to my AWESOME son!!

And now, the moment we've been waiting for...my ZUMBA playlist for the next couple of weeks, in no particular order. Some are new (to me) and some are my classics. As always, the warm-up and cool-downs change all the time:

Carito - Carlos Vives - Cumbia
Te Amo - Makano - Reggaeton/Salsa
On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull - Lambada & Club Mix
La Casa Del Ritmo - Daiquiri - Salsa/Tropical
Sheila ki Jawani - Vishal Shekhar - Bollywood
Me Estas Tentado - Wisin & Yandel - Reggaeton
Y Si Te Digo - Fanny Lu - Latino Pop
Toma - Pitbull & Lil Jon - Hip Hop/Reggaeton
Micala - Sonora Carruseles - Salsa
Caipirinha - ZUMBA - Brazilian
Cha Cha - Chelo - Latin Pop/Swing
Mueve La Colita - TPS - Merengue
Move That Body - Akon - Hip Hop
I Like It Like That - Tito Nieves - Salsa
Who Dat Girl? - Flo Rida - Hip Hop
This Is My Life - Edward Maya - Cha Cha
Rocketeer - Far East Movement & Ryan Tedder (cool down)
Don't You Wanna Stay? - Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson - (cool down)

Have a happy and safe week - until next time...when Oklahoma closes down and I have 3 days to update my blog again :-)

See ya at the party!
Myra :-)


Gawdun said...

You tear it up on that road! I'm looking at a 10k this spring. And I would agree it (running) totally become addicting and is the best stress relief. I'm sure that the cars driving past me think I am a lunatic as I sometimes will bust out laughing while running and I'm sure it looks strange. Who cares. Glad to hear y'all doing great!

racquel bulleser said...

Hi, I’m Racquel and I really love teaching ZUMBA® fitness classes.

I find it so… great when I see everyone is moving, sweating and specially having fun.

That SMILE I see on each and everyone’s faces even after the Zumba class. It’s PRICELESS !

Really love your blog it looks great.

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Matt K said...

Awesome Myra very inspiring

Matt K said...

Awesome Myra very inspiring