Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hoedown Throwdown!

If you were a little intimidated by Miley's Cyrus' Hoedown Throwdown dance, have no fear. Here's a great video that breaks down the steps and Miley is as cute as a button in this - I'll even have a variation for the chorus that you can do if you're not up to the challenge :-)
Sorry I can't get the link to work, you'll have to cut and paste it :(

Happy Hoedown! No worries, we'll take our time learning this one...
Myra :-)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009



For a great registration week at the YMCA. Both classes have closed and now we're ready to get the party started! The more the merrier, I always say...

After reviewing the Zumba Instructor Network Program 23, you guys are going to love this choreography by George Iu from Hong Kong. He's so full of energy and he's such a clever choreographer. So look forward to at least 3 new songs from that new program and some others of my own creation :-)

I'm so grateful we have 2 full classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays so we're now on our way to a new party next week, on October 27. Meanwhile, come join me this week as we reminisce on some earlier favorite dances.

Thanks again for your continued support!

Party on!
Myra :-)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Playlists for 10/20 & 10/22

Hey Party People :-)

The same playlist for this week's classes are the same as last week, although Tuesdays are different from Thursdays ('s the spice of life :-))

Tuesday's line-up:

Forever - Chris Brown (w/u)
Mercy - Duffy (pop)
Hip-Hop Reggaeton - ZUMBA - (the infamous "ROCKSTAR" step)
Those Days - Shaggy - (Bellydance/Hip Hop)
Ahora Es - Wisin & Yandel - (Reggaeton)
El Bombom Asesino - Ninel Conde (Flamenco) *Sorry about my brain fart with this choreo...
Four Minutes - Madonna & Justin T - (Rockstar & Samba)
Pachuco - Kumbia Kings (Cumbia)
Wake Up Call - Maroon 5 (jazz & "Las Vegas" steps)
Viva el Merengue - Oro Solido (Kick-your-booty Merengue)
Take a Bow - Rihanna (c/d)

Thursday's Line-up:

Dancing Queen - ABBA (w/u) *Their music will live forever in my classes!
Closer - Ne-Yo (jazz step & pop)
Santa Que - Zumba '08 DVD - Cumbia
Zumbandando Por Un Sueno - Zumba '08 DVD - Salsa
Love Song - Sara Bareilles (jazz steps & pop)
Zumbalicious Salsa/Reggaeton - Zumba '08 DVD
Life Is a Highway - Rascall Flats - (Country) *Working on the next country song for ya!
Alegria PA Zumbar - Zumba '08 DVD - ("don't-be-shy-with-those-hips" step & samba)
Disturbia - Rihanna (Pop)
The Prayer - Celine Dion & A. Bocelli (c/d)

I'm working on just a couple of songs for the new session on October 27 (2 spots left for Thursday and 5 more for Tuesday, as of today). Be on the lookout for: a HOT country line dance and some fun throw-back 90's :-)

Everyone is doing an awesome job with the cool-downs! You know it's practically the same thing over and over, just to a different song each time. That beauty, style and grace I see in you all is just a fabulous thing. Don't forget that final step; TAKE A BOW and curtsy! As a great dance instructor once told me, "Start off strong and have a great ending!"

Until the next party...
Myra :-)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Playlist for 10/8/09

Hello Everyone!

Today's playlist is the same as last Thursday, October 1 - another one of my "classics" mixed in with some of the new songs. I hope you had a good time and forgot about your cares for the hour :-)

Boogie Shoes - KC & The Sunshine Band (w/u)
Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (w/u)
Reggae Cumbia - Kumbia Kings (cumbia)
Ojos Asi - Shakira
Parsarela - ZIN 20 - (Reggaeton)
Sweet Escape - Gwen Stefani - (Pop)
Que Te Pica - Notch - (Merengue/Reggaeton)
Love Like This - Natasha Bedingfield/Sean Kingston
Mas Que Nada - Black Eyed Peas - (Salsa/Samba)

This Tuesday I will change the playlist (again) but will include this session's favorites.

Have a fabulous-o week!
See ya at the party!
Myra :-)