Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Hola!! I'm SO sorry I've not posted my playlists lately - life is crazy busy with our new Poodle-puppy, Enzo, amongst all the everyday routine with the kids. Here's just a really quick post of the songs I have lined up for the rest of the month (many of them are my classics):

Firework - Katy Perry
Only Girl - Rihanna
Marjanni Marjanni Kasame - Billu Barber
Nina Bonita - Chino y Nacho
Beso En La Boca - Axe Bahia
Clumsy - Fergie
Pasarela - ZIN 20
Un Chin Chin - ZIN 6
Simarik - Tarkan
Reggaeson Son - ZIN 17
Mami - Kumbia Kings
Dance and Shout - Shaggy & PeeWee
Follow the Leader - Soca Boys
Estas Perdida - ZumbAtomic

I have a new class on Thursdays at 7:30pm at Transformation Fitness in Edmond, starting November 18th. Sounds like it's great group of folks :-)

You can catch all my drama on FaceBook for now - and don't forget to get all the latest updates on my Zumba with Myra page. Will promise to write longer later...the picture from above is Greg and I at my 1st 5K, Race for the Cure, last month. My race time was about 28 mins :-) I'm looking to run a 10K in the Spring, wanna join me?

See ya at the party!

Forever dancing,
Myra :-)

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Gawdun said...

Killer race time! I'm getting ready for a 10K as well. It's rather addicting. However I will stop after a half marathon, no full one for me!