Thursday, August 26, 2010

We're Oakies!!!!

Hola Family and Friends!

Yes, we're alive and well in Edmond, Oklahoma, a northern suburb of Oklahoma City. So far, this city ROCKS! We all really love it here and are settling in as well as we can. It's been a VERY stressful month with the move and then rushing to get the kids registered for school, which started on the 17th - way too UBER early! But some exciting news about school - we have another one in the Marangi clan in college!! Anthony is officially working on college credit through BYU Independent Study. Anthony could be on his mission in year so he wouldn't be able to start college until he returned from his mission. We thought that concurrent enrollment would be a great idea. He has a sweet Senior schedule from 7:50am to 10:35am. However, he does have early morning seminary at 5:30am! He's been a great trouper about that. Anthony is also working on getting his Eagle project approved this week. He has about 3 and a half weeks to complete it...ALL!

Kyra and Nina love their new school and their teachers! I have recently signed up to volunteer so I'm anxiously awaiting my new assignment (no more 1st grade copy mom for me :-)). Nina is quite the reader in her first week of school - I'm so proud of her! Kyra has a gift for being friendly and loving to learn anything that's put in front of her. She's always so excited when she does a great job on her assignments. She's really come a far way from not being able to speak at 3 years old...

I have so much to update about Greg and myself, but I'm exhausted! Good news though...I'll be starting a new Zumba class next and am SUPER excited about that!
But the best news about living here...the OKC Temple is only 20 minutes away!!! Oh, another thing...y'all better watch out because I'm fixin' to end up with an Okie accent, really soon :-)

The pictures from above are the girls on their first day of school, but Anthony was EXTREMELY camera shy that morning, so here's one 2 days before school started. Is he not adorable?

Be back soon with more updates and a new Zumba playlist!

Keep on dancin'!


Audrey said...

You're back in blog land! Yay! It was so good to hear from you. I'm glad that things are going so well. Anthony amazes me. He's going to be busy this year for sure! I'm excited for your new Zumba class too. Everytime I hear California Gurls I think of you...

Jennifer McFadden said...

Thanks for blogging; I was just wondering how your move went!

I'm happy that Anthony gets to have an early senior schedule and that the girls love their school. I do remember Kyra at three, how much she has grown up since then...

You are a fantastic mother Myra!!!

Love ya,


Crystal said...

Hey Gorgeous!
It sounds like ya'll are doing really well in OK! We sure miss you here, but it's always easier to know that you are doing well & happy! You are FOR SURE busy, and I love how close to the temple you are!