Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Videos!


I felt inspired last week to make a few videos of the songs that my dance troupe, the Perrysburg YMCA Dancers, will be performing at the Way Library's Perrysburg Fundraiser, Dancing aWAY with the Stars. But since we're all busy ladies, it's hard to rehearse together. So, I thought I'd coax Greg into spending a date night at the YMCA to catch me on video with my iPod. It's hard to see me in the front, but the idea was to catch me from behind so my friends could follow me easier. These songs are also going to be the songs on my playlist for February:

Wanna Be Starting Something - Michael Jackson
La Cadena de Oro - Cabas
Tengo Un Amor - ZIN 17
Love Like This - Natasha Bedingfield and Sean Kingston
Evacuate the Dancefloor - Cascada
Mariana Mambo - ZIN 23
Parsarela - ZIN 20
TIK TOK - Ke$ha

Hope you enjoy them :-)
See ya at the party!
Myra :-)

***NOTE: Loading these videos are taking forever...but I'll get it done. You can see them on my FaceBook too. Friend me: Myra Marangi


Carmen O. said...

Mitch and I enjoyed your videos! Looks like it would be a lot of fun. Have a great week, Myra!

Crystal said...

LOVE the videos!! i've always wanted to do a video of us dancing! How fun!

Audrey said...

I need to bring my Flip video into your class one night and catch all the fun!

MarangiFam said...

Hey Audrey - are you coming to my class at church on the 17th? I'll be doing it for YW/RS at 7pm. It'll be a little watered-down, of course!