Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dancing aWay with the Stars!

The show is over! What a great time and a fabulous event! The Perrysburg YMCA dancers were awesome! Special thanks to Alison, Crystal, Danielle, Karyn and Tanya for ROCKIN' it! It was a great event and all the amateur/professional teams did a SUPER job. The band, Hepcat Revival was too cool. My personal favorite was Becky Beebe (go Becky!). My thanks to the library and all the volunteers who made it all happen! You'd have never guessed we were boogey-ing down in a normally quiet library..."I could have danced all night"...

Here are a few songs that I mixed in with our show songs in February:

Beso un la Boca - Axe Bahia (macarena)
Solo Se Vive Una Vez - ZIN Megamix 13 - (Rumba Flamenco)
Take Ya Mama Out - Scissor Sisters (warm-up)

I will have a new playlist this week and happily it will NOT include any of our show songs, YEA! Stay tuned and I hope everyone has a time during Winter 2 session at the YMCA. Also, thanks for a sold-out session once again - y'all are da BOMB :-)

See ya at the party!
Myra :-)

P.S...I'm planning on teaching the kids Zumba program Zumbatomic this coming summer - more info soon!

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