Sunday, October 18, 2009

Playlists for 10/20 & 10/22

Hey Party People :-)

The same playlist for this week's classes are the same as last week, although Tuesdays are different from Thursdays ('s the spice of life :-))

Tuesday's line-up:

Forever - Chris Brown (w/u)
Mercy - Duffy (pop)
Hip-Hop Reggaeton - ZUMBA - (the infamous "ROCKSTAR" step)
Those Days - Shaggy - (Bellydance/Hip Hop)
Ahora Es - Wisin & Yandel - (Reggaeton)
El Bombom Asesino - Ninel Conde (Flamenco) *Sorry about my brain fart with this choreo...
Four Minutes - Madonna & Justin T - (Rockstar & Samba)
Pachuco - Kumbia Kings (Cumbia)
Wake Up Call - Maroon 5 (jazz & "Las Vegas" steps)
Viva el Merengue - Oro Solido (Kick-your-booty Merengue)
Take a Bow - Rihanna (c/d)

Thursday's Line-up:

Dancing Queen - ABBA (w/u) *Their music will live forever in my classes!
Closer - Ne-Yo (jazz step & pop)
Santa Que - Zumba '08 DVD - Cumbia
Zumbandando Por Un Sueno - Zumba '08 DVD - Salsa
Love Song - Sara Bareilles (jazz steps & pop)
Zumbalicious Salsa/Reggaeton - Zumba '08 DVD
Life Is a Highway - Rascall Flats - (Country) *Working on the next country song for ya!
Alegria PA Zumbar - Zumba '08 DVD - ("don't-be-shy-with-those-hips" step & samba)
Disturbia - Rihanna (Pop)
The Prayer - Celine Dion & A. Bocelli (c/d)

I'm working on just a couple of songs for the new session on October 27 (2 spots left for Thursday and 5 more for Tuesday, as of today). Be on the lookout for: a HOT country line dance and some fun throw-back 90's :-)

Everyone is doing an awesome job with the cool-downs! You know it's practically the same thing over and over, just to a different song each time. That beauty, style and grace I see in you all is just a fabulous thing. Don't forget that final step; TAKE A BOW and curtsy! As a great dance instructor once told me, "Start off strong and have a great ending!"

Until the next party...
Myra :-)


Crystal said...

SO glad you said something about the limited spots. I totally spaced on signing up for next session! I just signed up and I'm in! Thank Goodness!

MarangiFam said...

Awesome Crystal. My class wouldn't be the same without your sweetness! Any good songs you want me to listen to??