Thursday, September 10, 2009

Song from tonight & other 411 :-)


I did a song from my summer program's about 6 minutes long and really builds the endurance - don't be surprised in find yourselves with more stamina over the weekend! I hope you had fun with it :-)

Estas Perdida - ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network) - Calypso

I randomly recycle songs to my playlist often, but most of the songs will stay the same. The warm-ups and cool-downs will change more frequently, but the choreography for the warm-up will be very basic (grapevines, step touches, marches, walks, hip circles - don't forget to bend those knees!). If you've been with me since the beginning in 2007, you'll notice my cool-down choreo is almost always the same, just to some different and great "chill-out" songs.

Also, I wanted you to take note of all the abominal moves with this current program. I gained about 10 pounds over the summer (gluttony!) and most of it was in my waistline. Since the last 4 classes (and cleaning up some of my horrid eating habits) my pants fit so much better. So use that core and feel the "crunch" while Zumba-ing. Oh, and I've been cross-training since the summer with mat Pilates (at home) and I know that's helped as well. (I taught Pilates a few years ago before and after my girls were born and it helped "sandwich" things back together really well :-)).

Stay tuned next blog post for some common basic Zumba moves and a word about footwear...if your knees are bothering you by now, it may be your athletic shoes. If you're serious about Zumba, find a comfortable pair of dance fitness shoes with a "circular" sole. (Very helpful for pivoting moves like the Cumbia's "Machete"). I need to hunt down this great article about recommended Zumba shoes and I'll copy it as a handout for class next week.

Have a great weekend and we'll see ya at the party!
Myra :-)

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