Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So, today was a great day, but it was extremely LONG. Even though I've had 2 kids pass through elementary school already, I just feel like such a rookie about having my 2 younger children go through the process. Oye! So many details, so much homework - for Kindergarten and First Grade! Oh, and I signed up for "copy mom" on Fridays too - wow. LOTS OF COPIES, oh my word! No complaints here though...I'm just feeling very fulfilled in my role as a mom. I may be behind in some of my own studying and yardwork, but as long as my family is thriving, I'll sacrifice my GPA :-)

Okay new(er) song tonight:

Causa y Efecto - Paulina Rubio (Jive)

Sorry, no great speeches tonight - I can't communicate effectively past 9pm anymore!

See ya at the party!

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