Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hello Again!
I just wanted to share my good friend, Crystal McNutt's testimony of Zumba...what a great blessing it is in her life!

If you have a personal testimony to share, email me: and I'll be sure to share it here on my blog.

Here's Crystal:

In response to Myra’s question about personal testimonies, I have one. I have always hated working out, I despise going to the gym and always have a countdown going for when I will be finished with a workout. Then I heard of Zumba. I had recently had my first child and was looking for a way to lose that extra baby weight. I have always had a love of dance and was raised with many Latin family dance events. Zumba caught me off guard. It is not like a workout at all, it is a dance party where you can let loose and just have a good time and relax. Not only did it help me lose all my baby weight, but it lightened my spirit when I was having a difficult time as a new mother. There is an energy in Zumba that makes you become addicted to it. I went from hating working out to looking forward to my twice weekly Zumba class. I encourage everyone to expand their horizon and give Zumba a shot. Not only has my outlook changed, but I am now more motivated and excited to try new things!

Crystal McNutt

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