Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Zumba 2/17 and 2/19


So, I'm still getting used to listing my playlist each week - forgive me for posting less than an hour before class on a Tuesday!!

What a gorgeous day, today. Life is pretty grand because my family and I are all healthy :-) I hear we're in for another storm? We'll see...in the meantime - let's just DANCE!!!

ZUMBA 10 (This is the same program that I opened the New Year with...)

Warm-Up Song is a surprise (but as usual a 70's song...)
El Pit - Zumba Instructor Network (Mambo-Cha-Cha)
Vide Gal - Zumba Instructor Network = ZIN (Samba)
Tengo Un Amor - ZIN (Bachata)
Love Lockdown - Kanye West (Squats & Salsa)
La Otra - ZIN (Hip Hop/Merengue)
La Comparsita - ZIN (Tango)
El Mambo de la Shorty's - ZIN (Merengue)
Does Your Mother Know? - ABBA (70's)
Reggaeson Son - ZIN - (Reggaeton)
Lagartija Azul - ZIN (Cumbia)
Footprints in the Sand - Leona Lewis (Cool Down)

Thank you all for coming to dance with me each week - without you, where would I be? Have an awesome week!

Myra :-)

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