Monday, February 23, 2009

Whoa,,.I'm posting early!!!

It's a miracle! I actually planned to update my blog a little early this week and I followed through! Life is still going smoothly so far this week and we're all still very healthy, although not eating the greatest :( I found some Kraft Mac and Cheese for .50 at Walmart (I grabbed a whole case) and that'll be our main staple for lunch for awhile. I also have a newfound addiction: TOBLERONE chocolate...Yeah, Baby!!! I got the BIG bar today and each 10th of a serving is 210 calories...there's 10 servings in one bar (it's about from my fingertip to elbow long). And well, even though my study time is very productive and effective lately, I've acquired another habit of eating Doritos and chocolate (TOBLERONE)for my mid-morning snack. And get this...I read in my PSY book that a *little* caffeine helps you retain what you study - so now I feel justified in drinking my usual 32oz Diet Dr. Pepper fountain drink at 9am...I told you all I was NOT a picture of health - nutritionally!!!

So, Zumba Dancers - here's my playlist this week - it's a classic, all of this program I choreographed myself :-) Don't worry, I'll be working on some more new music next week. I have an exam this week...

CD 5:
September – Earth, Wind and Fire
Mi Gente – Kumbia All Starz
Pa Mayte – Carlso Vives
Pon de Replay – Rihanna
La Cadena De Oro – Cabas
Run the Show – Kat DeLuna
Eso Ehh! – Alexis & Fido
Clumsy – Fergie
Mueve La Colita – TPS
Speedy Gonzales – Kumbia All Starz
Soy Diferente – India
Salmoe – Chayanne
I Love Salsa – N’Klabe
Shabadabadaba – La Onda Vaselina
I Hope You Dance – LeeAnn Womack
Get Here – Oleta Adams

Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine! **Side note - I found a MARVELOUS pair of sun lamps (Verilux)at Costco for $35! They work like a charm!! I've been waking up to a brighter morning and I have much better concentration. If you don't have a membership, I can pick one up for you. I recommend this to everyone who struggles with winter blues, but of course, as you all know the ultimate soul-warmer is the real SON :-)

Keep on dancin'...FOREVER!
Myra :-)

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