Saturday, November 1, 2008

Little girls will be little girls...

Here are Kyra (ragdoll) and Nina (Gabriela from HSM) all decked out for the ward Chili Cook-Off/Halloween party and happy as little clams :-) Making happy memories with the girls (as well as my other children) is the best way for me to heal from my own sordid childhood and feel the sweetness of innocence and joy in truth the way a little girl has a divine right to feel. Blessings to all of you out there who have experienced this same enlightenment :-)

Side note: Adobe PhotoShop Elements ROCKS!! I was able to cut and paste Kyra's head in the side-by-side picture from another picture to get them both smiling. It took me all day to figure it out, but Scrapbook Memories TV show on the BYU channel has excellent instructions. Check it out!


Skraptacular Designs said...

Hi Myra! I haven't used Adobe much but maybe I'll have to check it out one day. GREAT Halloween photos of the girls!

Thanks for sharing!


Carmen O. said...

Photoshop Elements is probably much easier than Photoshop CS2. I have that one. I'd really like to take a class to learn more. Maybe one of these days soon! Great photos of your girls, looks like you had a great Halloween.

jolyne77 said...

They are SO cute Myra! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Miss seeing you,

McFadden Family said...

Those little girls are getting SO big! Great shot of them, they are adorable.