Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hanging on!

My favorite thing to do on my LO's right now is to sew or embroider on them. You'll probably see me doing this A LOT! The LO challenge here was to stay monochromatic, add some bling, buttons and another embellishment, which are always Primas, for me!
One a day in April 08, I decided to go with Greg to Wauseon, OH which is a little over an hour away. While Greg worked at his facility, I took the girls to a nearby park so I could get some homework done. Having been stressed out from school, I hadn't had much time to enjoy with the girls. But this day the girls were begging me to come play with them. Luckily, I had my camera so I hesitatingly agreed to come play.
I learned so much about myself as I watched as my girls laugh and frolic all over the place. During a particular part of our playtime, Kyra climbed up some monkey bars shaped in an arc. When Kyra froze right in the middle, she started to cry, feeling scared and stuck. As I guided her across the bars and to other side in safety, I understood that even as an adult, I still get myself into those type of positions. For example, I was SO excited about going back to school at first but when the semester progressed, I became extremely anxious that I made the wrong decision and I became frozen - paralyzed with fear and I wanted to quit. It was then that I humbly turned to Heavenly Father in prayer and He guided me "across the bars" and down the other side, safely. I had an epiphany at the playground that day that Heavenly Father would always guide me through my education and help me balance family and teaching on top of it all.
Isn't funny what you learn through your children?


Carmen O. said...

Ohhh how sweet I love the story behind the layout and the layout is awesome. I love stitching on layouts and of course primas are always a great addition!

Laura Lee said...

Beautiful story! Love the sewing.

Skraptacular Designs said...

I absolutely love this layout! Love the photos, the stitching, the monochromatic colors...

What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing!


Danielle Richard said...

HI Myra!! Love your layout and the story behind it is sooo true!! Our kids can teach us so many things just by being kids!!