Sunday, October 12, 2008

Daughters are a gift!

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to have many daughters so I can give them these long, polysyllabical names (like the ones they have now...Alexandria Estella, Kyrstiana Rene', Josephina Marie) to make up for the fact I had a a short 4-letter name and no middle name (where's the love in that?). Each one of my daughters are a blessing to me and I am overwhelmed with the responsibility I have for my stewardship of them - there are so many things to teach over a span of 18+ years! But my last daughter (at least in this estate) is my precious Nina, who seems to have the best qualities of her older sisters along her own wrapped up in the little package that she is - teaches me so much about what I need to know in this life and about the quality of a smile - as she's full of them!

The challenge for this LO was to use chipboard, ribbon and metal. I also used the biggest felt flower ever made for scrapbooking!


Carmen O. said...

Awww what a sweet photo! Gorgeous layout, I love the big flower.

Laura Lee said...

Very beautiful layout! Love the picture.

jolyne77 said...

Hey! bet you didn't know I check your blog ;-) I got it off of Lu's..hope you don't mind. Your scrapbooking layouts are so nice...really...I just call it a success if I get them off my digital before it hits 600pics. (a challenge, oddly enough). But you do such a nice job.

And you're right, daughters ARE a gift..I have 3 now. ;-)

We're 2 pretty blessed families, ya know?

;-) Jolyne Dickinson